How to manage domains : : http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/kb/domain-names.html

A Record :
A, or address, records describe the IP that a given DNS node has.
This has one data-dependent field: The ip for the node in question, in dotted decimal (e.g. format.

It's important to use the IP address that corresponds to the data center you selected when you set up the site. Choose from one of the following IP addresses that matches your site's data center: for sites on the Australia data center for sites on the United States data center for sites on the European Union data center


MX Records :

MX, or mail exchange, records describe the machines to contact in order to send mail to a given DNS node.
This has two data-dependent fields: The preference for the mail exchanger (lower preferences get higher priority), and the name of the DNS node to deliver mail to.

To know how to create External MX records read :


Name Server records (NS) :
A NS record tells name servers which machines are in charge of a given domain zone.
This has one data-dependent field: The name of the DNS node which a given NS record points to.

To point to BC use :

    ns1.worldsecuresystems.com ( - primary DNS server         
    ns2.worldsecuresystems.com ( - secondary DNS server         

    ns3.worldsecuresystems.com ( - optional tertiary DNS Server




CNAME records allow a machine to be known by more than one hostname.
There must always be an A record for the machine before aliases can be added.
The host name of a machine that is stated in an A record is called the canonical, or official name of the machine.
Other records should point to the canonical name

The TXT record is used to define the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) information record which may be used to validate legitimate email sources from a domain.